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To continue to utilize 40 plus years of our family managed corporate experiences, excellent customer service, quality and business ethics. To build off of small, medium and simple home repair jobs in the advance servitude of delivering smart living choices and awareness. Be leaders in earth-friendly remodeling and home improvement solutions no matter how the conventional market is competing with cheaper products. To champion the effort for delivering utility cost-saving, cutting edge go green products and services. To continue educating others about the importance of going green with your home now and why it is imperative to our families health and our economical future. To show home owners how to take control of their utility cost, limiting waste, repair time and saving money. Helping American homes become equipped with 21century products and services... 


Help home owners increase their home equity, encapsulate new & old homes with energy efficient products creating a seal tight infrastructure. Label the many ways Americans squander millions of dollars each month on unused energy. To be the premier provider for energy-efficient, cost saving products, installations and home improvement services. To set the example for an eco-friendly remodeling based home improvement provider through education and training. To build greener homes from the ground up creating different regional climate LEED templates. To support go green laws, tax incentives and rebates voting for ethics over greed. To provide investors and consumers with an alternative choice and encourage smarter living.  

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Frederick A. Charles Sr. a Washington DC native and current President/CEO of Charles and Sons Remodeling Inc. a family based business in existence since 1960's. The eco friendly company is well established with a concentration in energy efficient solutions, architectural and drafting design. Since the age of 12 he worked with John Charles Sr. at Charles Home Improvement, where he began his love of this craft and operation after becoming disciplined and focused on quality, equipment control, and labor management, at the age of 21 he attended architectural drafting school at Maryland Drafting Institute. He worked with the major DMV based CLARK Construction Company as a blueprint layout and lead stairwell builder. Creating his 1st business in Florida named "Live Better Home Improvement" showed his clients and his family that his passion for peoples happiness in their homes is far greater than selfish gain. Returning in 2001 to the DC based family business at the request of his dad and business mentor John Charles Sr. he began to rebuild the company under new principals.

In 2005, Frederick Charles Sr. was hired and educated by Keith Ware in eco friendly & green construction thru Washington DC’s 1st environmentally friendly, sustainable home and business energy store "Future Green". There he developed a passion for smarter, healthier living by offering products & services that assist in reducing energy consumption and harmful chemical product exposure related to home/business design materials. Keeping good pace with EPA standers while offering the latest in modern home design. Our "Eco Friends" (not just customers) practice Smart Living and support environmentally loyal companies like ours. Through this vision and mission on home quality, energy efficiency and healthier building solutions. Frederick Charles Sr. continues his passion for service by having completed his education in Lead Renovation and HVAC Certification License.